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La Bonne Online (18+)


La Bonne Online (18+)

szines idegennyelvü olasz erotikus dráma 1986
Rendező:Salvatore Samperi
Szereplők:Florence Guérin, Trine Michelsen,
Cyrus Elias, Benito Artesi, Ida Eccher

This Italian-French co-production is an early attempt at the erotic-thriller genre, but while it contains a great deal of skillfully presented erotica, Salvatore Samperi’s film contains little suspense. Florence Guerin and Cyrus Elias star as a troubled couple whose housekeeper, Angela (Katrine Michelsen), breaks through Guerin’s stultifying repression with her provocative and dangerous sexuality. Teasing lesbianism, bondage, and pseudo-rape scenes abound, until Guerin breaks through her psychological walls and takes control of Michelsen in the surprisingly well-directed conclusion. Kinky, cold, and slick, Corruption is more about head-games than shocks, but has its interesting moments.



La Bonne Online (18+)
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