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L alcova (18+) Online

L alcova (18+) Online

szines idegennyelvü olasz erotikus dráma
rendezte:Joe D’Amato
Lilli Carati,Annie Belle,Al Cliver
Roberto Caruso,Laura Gemser

The Alcove pairs Joe D’Amato with Laura Gemser and sees both of these cult icons at their sordid and sleazy best! Joe D’Amato made a hell of a lot of sleaze films; and while I do consider myself a fan of his, it has to be said that a large proportion of his output is rather rubbish…but not so with this film. The Alcove is as good a porn flick as it is a character study, and that’s what puts this film at the very top of the director’s filmography – by not focusing on the sex, when we do get to see it – it means so much more. The plot line is actually really good, too. We focus on a country house where the house Mistress, Alessandra, is sharing a sordid affair with the secretary Wilma while her husband is away fighting Zulus…



L alcova (18+) Online
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